Product Name: LUF-BD4.2
Color: AS Pic
Box Size: N/A
Weight: N/A
Accessory: N/A
Warranty: N/A
Price: HKD 8,888
Shipping: HKD: 200
The latest Quad Balanced Armature and Dual single 6 mm Dynamic drivers ,LEAR's flagship UIEM and CIEM, the code LCM/LUF-2D4B is now officially named as LCM/LUF BD4.2 !

"BD" means hybrid with Balanced Armature and Dynamic(moving coil) drivers and the number represent how many of them which the model is using!

So...BD 4.2 (Pronunciation-BD 4 point 2) means 4 Balanced Armature and 2 Dynamic drivers in one side of the earphone!
Hope you all will be much easier to speak and remember!

On the other hand , the LUF(LEAR Universal Fit) version of the BD4.2 is now available to test drive in our HK retail shop and order through our online system(PM us or email to : [email protected]) or our official dealers !

LEAR Japan:
Singapore :

The SRP of LCM(Custom made version) BD4.2 is HKD$9998 (USD$1400 ,Free international shipping ,except country which have LEAR official Dealers already )

And LUF (Universal Fit version) HKD$8888 (USD $1260 ,Free international shipping ,except country which have LEAR official Dealers already )

The specification and introduction in detail of BD4.2 will be publish soon as we can!
Please be patient and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


As an universal fit in ear monitor for anybody.Fitting is an extremely serious matter for obtaining the best sound and the overall sound will also change dramatically when using with different ear tips and insertion depth ! Please feel free to take a look of what we are recommended for choosing the ear tips.

The reference sound(doesn't means the best which you must love!) which LEAR suppose you can be heard will just appeared when the "A" ear tips fit well and perfectly into your ear or please consider to order BD4.2 in Custom fit(LCM-BD4.2) version!


Recommended tuning setting(position):

Studio monitor reference sound: 8~12 O'clock
Pop and general taste : 12~3 O'clock
Solid Deep and powerful bass: 3~4 O'clock

To drives the BD4.2 to it's best and original sound , Using with the LEAR FSM-02V2 portable headphone amplifier is recommended !





Some special features and design of the BD4.2 as below:

1- Used of two single LEAR's high quality,high sensitive ,low distortion 6mm Dynamic Driver(Moving coil) as the" Low Frequency Engine" plus the fine crafted "Acoustic Low Pass Filter" technique to ensure the powerful, solid and distortion free bass sound! None of the traditional multi BA drivers can direct compare with this and either the traditional single Dynamic hybrid type!

2- 4 precision matched Balanced Armature drivers which 2 for mid and 2 for high ,used with electronic crossover plus LEAR's "Metallic Acoustic Sound Tube" design to achieve the accurate and crystal clear mid and high!

3- Integrated Electronic and Acoustic 3 way crossover ,plus 4 individual sound bore output(LCM-5 has 3 bore), 2 low ,1mid and 1high reproduction !

4-Built in custom sound tuned design which can let you simply adjust between "Studio Monitor Reference Sound" to "General Pop Sound" style ! A pair of earphone has more than one sonic style!


26/5/2014 Update:



New design(front) moves the air hole from faceplate(back) to the shell body

The latest LUF-BD4.2 (Transparent black + LEAR Gold Logo)








Please be inform that we do a small modification to the latest LUF/LCM- BD4.2 (orders after 20th of May 2014), which moves the air hole from the bottom of the faceplate to the upper side of the body shell.

This modification do no affect to the sound but ensure a complete faceplate especially for some custom or special artwork design!

Of course customers can request to keep the old design, but the modification will become the factory default if no special request!

Thanks for all your kind support!

Thanks for all your support and reading!


 Color selection :

LCM version -maxmium 3 different combination :faceplate + body + canal

LUF version maximum 2 different combination :faceplate + body

Special faceplate selection(Extra USD$56/pair) :



Metallic faceplate

Ture Texture

User Reviews:

LEAR BD4.2: The next-generation hybrid  (from M.R.O)

IN CONLUSION: LEAR BD4.2 is unlike anything I've ever measured so far. Yes, the claims made by the manufacturer turn out to be all true, and the accumulated effects from the innovations add up to the benefit of users.
The stock configuration presented by LEAR is superb too, but the fact that the sound signature can be finely adjusted without having to modify the IEM's internal components shall be praised & glorified the most. There are simply endless possibilities for users to discover by means of both simple acoustical & electrical tweaks. And because of that, I acknowledge BD4.2 as one of the IEMs with highest quality of all, and one of my most favorite headphones as well.

Top notch IEMS with unique technologies (From HEad-fi)

Pros: Great build, nice set of accessories, fun sound with own signature, tunable bass

Cons: Price, need to find a prefect fit, so better order them in custom body