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GR07 Classic

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Product Description

The GR07 Classic is the 3rd iteration in the famous GR07 series. Like the previous iterations, it retains the monitoring sound quality at that it is known for. The GR07 classic brings to the table more variety of colours as well as lower price point so that more people could enjoy it. 


  •  1 pair of earguide 
  • 3 pairs of silicion tips
  • 1 pair of foam tips   
  • Driver: 11mm High Dynamic CCAW Drive Units, Bio-cellulose diaphragms
  • Impedance: 50Ω +/- 10% 
  • Sensitivity: >105dB (@ 500 Hz)
  • Frequency Response: 7Hz- 30kHz
  • Channel Balance: <1dB @ 500Hz <1.5dB (at 20Hz~12.5KHz)
  • Distortion:  <0.2% 105dB
  • Rated Power: 10mW
  • Maximum Input Power: 50mW
  • Plug: 3.5mm 24K gold plated stereo plug
  • Cable: 1.30m max 82 core silver wires
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Warranty Information

One year warranty from manufacturer via seller

Product Reviews

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  1. these sound like coming home

    Posted by Ilzay on 11th Mar 2015

    The sound signature of these is at the very heart of the sweet spot for me. As soon as the right seal was found these sounded just right. Super comfortable over ear design, lightweight earpieces and very nice and supple cable combined with the soundquality and fair price, make these perhaps the best bang for buck earphones i know.

  2. Great Value

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Feb 2015

    This is an awesome IEM for the price. There's more sibilance than I would like, but otherwise it's exceptional.

  3. Best in-ears for the price

    Posted by Olivier Neron on 29th Dec 2014

    Can't beat the GR07's at this price.

    I've also had to return a pair of GR07's to Lendmeurears before for repair and they sent me back a GR07 v. 2 to replace my v1 without charge or any questions, so top notch vendor, top notch product, great price ; can't beat it!

  4. Impressed

    Posted by Ilyoung Bang on 24th Dec 2014

    Wow. What a step up in performance and enjoyment for me. I read plenty of reviews and opinions on these before deciding to purchase them this past Black Friday, and at that sale price, I have to say these are worth every single penny. There is this crispy, beautiful warmth and spaciousness to these that is just so much fun and pleasing to listen to. At first, I thought the bass was lacking a little too much and the highs were a bit sibilant, but after messing around with the included tips and settling on the little grey isolation foam tips, I have to say that everything sounds wonderfully balanced. There is plenty of clean and deep bass. The mids are punchy and warm. The highs are clear and crisp. So lovely to listen to. I'm very happy with my purchase.

    Now, the only worry I have is of the build quality and their durability as I have ran into a lot of people having issues with one or both sides dying out, so, crossing my fingers that these last me a good while.

  5. Best Value for the Money

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Dec 2014

    Using it with FiiO E18 Kunlun. Good sound across the whole spectrum, although bass can sometimes feel a bit on the weaker side on certain isolated tracks (could be mastering/mixing intention) compared to more bassy IEMs. However, that only applies, for me, to trance/house; anything from pop and so on sounded great to me. For the price, I am very happy with what I got - they sound as good or better than some of my pricier IEMs.

  6. Unparalleled clarity and musicality for its price

    Posted by Shaun on 1st Dec 2014

    I was looking out for a replacement and upgrade to the Brainwavz M3 that has provided countless hours of music enjoyment over the past 3 years. Due to gradual wear and tear and exposure to skin oils, the external insulation was cracking off in little bits. What sweetened the deal was the $25 discount on the GR07.

    The GR07 portrayed these differences over the M3: stronger bass, sharper treble and greater clarity because of careful use of these frequencies. The mid-stage of the M3 is more laid-back and is arguably sweeter, while that of the GR07 is more forward and slightly richer.

    The M3 is meant to be worn normally, though I had grown accustomed to wearing it over the ears. The GR07 is meant to be worn over the ears, no other way, but because of my outer ears' shape, the overarching cables tend to slip off the edges when I move my head too much. It's a small annoyance as the act of repositioning the cables is rather effeminate (gals tucking their hair behind their ears). The built-in silicone tips also don't sit securely inside the ear with excessive head movement. The foam ones are more secure and will also reduce treble slightly (which is a good thing in general, as the default may be a tad too piercing).


  7. unbeatable at this new price

    Posted by b3lly on 27th Oct 2014

    I thought these were great when I bought them the first time around at 50 bucks more. After I broke the first pair I tried a few other brands at similar prices and nothing came close. just got another pair and am happy to report that they are still producing great balanced detailed spacious sound. Highly recommend.

  8. GR07

    Posted by Raymond on 27th Oct 2014

    Very happy with the sound of these and the service provided by lendmeurears. He refunded shipping charges without me even asked no him to do so due to no fault of theirs shipment was delayed in arriving. Very satisfied.

  9. Stunningly vibrant detail articulation

    Posted by Victor on 14th Sep 2014

    These IEMs are ridiculously dynamic and vibrantly detailed across the entire spectrum, with a single, 11mm Bio-cellulose dynamic driver which sounds like no other IEM driver I've come across. Despite being slightly warm sounding with a generally quite full lower midrange, they can pick apart a song and deliver every last tick, click, thump, crunch or rumble with stunning dynamic integrity and speed. The surface texture is very deep and they seem to never sound saturated, or shouty, or strained. Incredibly fast attack and decay avoids smearing or slurring the texture and lends to their superior dynamic transparency, and the treble texture sounds delicately brittle and textured, like walking on dry leaves and hearing countless very crisp crackles.

    Treble tends to have a 6.5K and 10K peak, so not entirely perceptually smooth, but the timbre for cymbals, hihats, snares, acoustic guitar strings, pretty much everything you can imagine is remarkably rich, never saturating or forming a solid, texture-less wall, always delivering detail and helping reduce listening fatigue.
    Midrange is very even and equally transparent, and sufficiently relaxed around 3-4 Khz to not sound overly forward, and allows the treble to just step ahead slightly.
    Bass is there in sufficient amount, and it's equally articulate and open-sounding, and can range from very subtle and delicate and nuanced, to quite decent amounts of glorious texture and natural thump when called for, never taking over but supporting the rest of the spectrum superbly. I've never been able to pick out the bass guitar in songs as with these, the bass is immensely natural and uncongested and clear.

    Other than the peaky treble, I struggle to see how you could objectively improve these in any respect, and I personally love the peaky treble for the slight clarity accents the peaks provide.

    Highly recommended for those who like clarity, transparency, extremely faithful dynamic reproduction, and an incredibly rich, vibrant, delicate rippling detail delivery. Incredible value for money at $99.