Pure. Essential. Uncompromising.
The Harmony.

The Harmony. Fusion of Sound and Style.

MOMENTUM is obsessed with detail. You can hear it. You can see it. Every stitch of its seams is accurately placed, every frequency accurately reproduced. Its genuine materials are in complete harmony with each other. Nothing superfluous, nothing to add. Purism in perfection. It sounds the way it looks: Rich. Clean. Premium.

The Custom Fit.

The Custom Fit. A Sensory Delight.

Buttery soft ear cups gently rest near your ears. A slider made of special steel smoothly adjusts MOMENTUM to your preference: a design principle originally developed for shock absorbers, responsible for keeping cars where they belong. In this case it guarantees optimum sustained contact between the sound and the ears, and helps absorb distorting resonances.

The Material.

The Material. Expertly Selected.

Extremely light aluminum voice coils deliver breathtaking impulse response. “Soft-as-a-glove,” luxurious leather covers the ear pads, filled with two layers of special foam, evoking the feeling of climbing into a vintage sports car every time you put on MOMENTUM.

The Cable.

The Cable. Thoughtfully Engineered.

Crafted with high end material: used for bulletproof vests and protective suits worn by racing drivers and therefore a brilliant choice for MOMENTUM. Heat and acid resistant. Unbreakable and tearproof. Absolutely secure.

The Style.

The Style. Zero Tolerance for Me-too.

MOMENTUM was designed not for those who follow fashion, but for those who define their own style. A triumph of substance over mere effect. Understatement as a statement. Timeless style that reflects your design principles. Our interpretation of purism, perfected.

The Plug.

The Plug. Designed with Purpose.

Functionality is beautiful: just look at the jointed 3.5 mm stereo jack plug. Prevent cable break or choose cable direction in one fluid motion. Indispensable when used with mobile devices.

The Remote.

The Remote. The World at Hand.

Embedded within the cable lies MOMENTUM’s sleek in-line control unit: providing complete control over your music and calls. Crafted of fine metal to fit naturally within your fingertips. Specially designed to support Apple devices.


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Technical Data

Technical Data and Specification of MOMENTUM Article No.505994, 505630, and 505760


Sennheiser MOMENTUM Headphone stage 10

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