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Custom In Ear Monitors

The Minerva In-Ear Monitor Range

Time to Upgrade. .. Your Ears  

Designed and Built for Professionals

Optimised for Performance and  Customised for you               

Our new range of In-Ear Monitors raise the bar on your in-ear audio experience. We offer a range of products so you can find exactly what you need to perform at your best, at a price you can afford.

The Mi-Performer Range

The Mi-Artist Range

Silicone Earpiece Shells, Excellent Value, Designed for On-Stage Use and Personal Listening
Acrylic Earpiece shells and Removable Cables for Professional Use and Outstanding Sound Quality
Mi-Performer Pro - BUY NOW £385                        
Mi-Performer - BUY NOW £205               

Range Highlights;
Range Highlights;
  • Flexible Silicone Shell Earpieces deliver a consistent acoustic seal
  • Kevlar reinforced cables for enhanced durability
  • Balanced armature transducers deliver detailed, accurate sound reproduction
  • Hard Acrylic Shell Earpieces enhance sound signature and comfort also aid in quick insertion and removal
  • Removable cables for the ultimate peace of mind
  • Hollow Shell Earpieces enhance sound signature for the most true-to-life sound representation
The Mi-Performer range is a popular choice for in-ear monitor for all professional musicians and sound engineers. Using the most advanced balanced armature transducers encased in highly durable silicone, the Mi-Performer range is designed for perfection and built to last.
The Mi-Artist Range sets a new standard of performance and is designed for people who will accept nothing less than crystal clear sound quality every time. This premium range combines the most advanced driver designs, replaceable cables and hard acrylic earpieces for an unrivalled sound signature that ensures you can hear yourself clearly during every live performance.

The Minerva In-Ear Monitor range is designed and built for performance, so that you can concentrate on yours.

New Mi-Artist Pro from £509

Our premium Mi-Artist Pro IEMs combine the latest advanced AcuPass driver design with a revolutionary hard acrylic earpiece and over 5 decades of experience in crafting custom-made hearing solutions.

The result is a revolutionary in-ear monitor that delivers unequalled sound quality, tight bass, smooth mids and sparkling highs with the ­comfort that only custom earpieces can provide. It is guaranteed to take your audio experience and live performances to an entirely new level.

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Mi-Performer Pro from £385


A high performance multi driver in-ear monitor which combines custom fitted comfort with AcuPass transducer technology. These professional grade, custom made in-ear monitors give you the best sound quality and ambient noise reduction you need to hear yourself clearly, and play at your best.

The must have in-ear monitors for demanding applications. Ideal for professional musicians, sound engineers and audio lovers.  

New Mi-Artist from £305

The balanced armature driver combined with a hard acrylic earpiece delivers unparalleled sound quality with a remarkable range in a wide soundstage. Enjoy superior sound quality, unrivalled comfort and an impressive sound signature so you can hear yourself clearly and play at your best during every performance.

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Mi-Performer from £205



Single-driver in-ear monitors which combine the clearest sound quality with custom fitted comfort and excellent value for money. A stunning balance of price and performance.

Ideal for personal music listeners, outside broadcast presenters, camera operators and anyone who needs to hear speech clearly in noisy environments.

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Ear Impressions cannot be taken for children under the age of 5 years



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Ordering your Custom In Ear Monitors is easy: select your product, then book a visit to your nearest fitting centre for a 20-minute appointment with one of our skilled technicians. Your custom earplugs will be handcrafted in our specialist laboratory and delivered free in just 10 days.